Timeshare & Developers

Full-Service Timeshare Lawyers

Mark & Brown, P.A. strives to be the leading law firm for the timeshare industry. Our decades of experience allow us to meet the needs of timeshare associations, whether they are local, regional or national developers. We have worked hard to develop our impeccable reputation for swift and efficient representation in the industry and take pride in our ability to protect the viability of your business.

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Non-Judicial Foreclosure

We at Mark & Brown, P.A have extensive experience with the non-judicial foreclosure process. Having performed thousands of non-judicial foreclosures, our firm has the experience to set us apart. From a few defaulting weeks to addressing thousands, our firm has the skill and ability to fulfill your individual needs, whatever they may be.

Our firm has been able to reduce costs by 80-85% when compared to traditional foreclosure methods. By utilizing new software and an educated administrative staff, we save on both costs and time. If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by Mark & Brown, P.A., please call us for a free consultation.

How Mark & Brown, P.A. Can Assist You

We founded Mark & Brown, P.A. to provide effective legal services to meet the distinctive needs of HOAs, timeshares, and developers. Our philosophy is to provide representation that allows our clients to achieve their goals while minimizing legal risk and cost. Our membership with ARDA, the American Resort Development Association, keeps us updated on the latest industry information and trends.

Our attorneys understand the complexities of non-judicial foreclosure and use that knowledge to protect your vital interests. Our staff brings together:

  • Extensive experience in the practice of timeshare law
  • Significant experience in property, land use, and redevelopment law
  • Preparation and amendment to HOA documents
  • Preparation and amendments of Timeshare Plan and Offering Statement
  • Filings with the state of Florida
  • Preparation and amendment to corporate documents
  • General corporate consulting
  • Preparation of annual audit opinion letters
  • Responses and investigation of claims made by the Florida Department of Professional Business Regulation (DPBR) and other state regulators
  • Processes, methods, and procedures perfected during the foreclosure of thousands of timeshare weeks in numerous counties